Exit Through the Gift Shop Hoax Debunked

Exit Through the Gift Shop is documentary that is at times moving, at times inspiring, and at times very bewildering. Banksy, who gained a reputation as being an artistic guerrilla, created a number of inspiring street art examples under the cover of darkness before directing this film. When one of his paintings would become public, people would often hurry to go see it before it was removed because it was considered to be graffiti.

The film in question tells the story of a man named Mr. brainwash. Mr. Brainwash is a French hipster who is a bit goofy and named Thierry Guetta. The film follows to Gary because he has a love for videotaping everything around him. He gets into the street art scene and then uses the endorsement of the director to generate commercial success for himself in a large Los Angeles art exhibit.

Is It Too Far Fetched To Put On a Hoax For Years?

Many people actually believe that the director of the film is teary. You never see the two of them together. It is a lot like Clark Canton Superman or Bruce Wayne and Batman. They are presented to the general public as two separate people, but you never see them together at any point. Is it possible that Banksy stumbled onto this footage and then presented it in a documentary film? Possibly. There is no denying the fact that Banksy is an accomplished street artist and studio painter.

What is interesting about Exit Through the Gift Shop is that the artist was the focus of this movie has the same kind of access to street artists that the director would have. He is seen filming in places that someone like Banksy would be able to film. It is entirely possible that Guetta could have developed the same relationships and gain the same access this process would have taken several years to complete, however, so it is not very likely.

The most likely scenario is that Banksy is in fact Mr. Brainwash.

Is There Some Fact To This Documentary?

The best hoax or satire films tend to have at least some point of fact within them. This is what gives them a measure of believability. It is entirely possible that all of the events that occurred within Exit Through the Gift Shop happened as they were described. The issue is whether Mr. Brainwash is an authentic character or someone just a work of satire or fiction. There is a very good chance that this is one of the largest hopes that anyone has ever played on the commercial art purchasing public.

As hoaxes go, this movie be one of the best that has ever been completed. In some ways it is real, and in some ways it is fake, and in some ways no one really knows what is going on. What we do know is that there were many people were willing to sell out their hard-earned money to get the artwork that was on display within the film. Maybe one day the makers of this film will come out and tell us exactly what was going on. In the meantime, they are adamant about the fact that all of the events that happened in Exit Through the Gift Shop were completely real.

Whether it is a hoax that has been debunked or not, there is one thing that we can all agree upon. Having a sequel to this documentary film would definitely be a treat.