Bullycide Statistics and Stories

Statistics revealed that harassment and bullying are now becoming serious and huge problems. These problems have also become more frequent especially in school setting, and therefore it is necessary to monitor the changes in the child's behavior, it is described in detail in the works of essay experts. There are different types of bullying as revealed by statistics, and countless individuals have experienced the worst. It was found out that there is strong connection between suicide and bullying. Students, teachers, and parents are advised to know the dangers and negative effects of bullying and help individuals who are victims and at risk of ending their lives.

Bullycide Trends

At present, series of bullycide are cited in the U.S. alone, and it can be noticed that the data is growing in numbers. These scenarios are not just evident in the U.S. but have also drawn attention in many different countries worldwide. Individuals are more focused on the victims of bullying and they believed that these individuals are more vulnerable to committing suicide. However, studies revealed that there is also a link between suicide and being a bully.

Over the years, bullycide statistics have been very alarming and results indicate that increased number of individuals have become victims and bully on the contrary. According to CDC, about 4,400 deaths of younger people are recorded every year due to suicide. This is considered as third major cause of death in the U.S. In the case of students, statistics revealed by CDC state that about 14% of high school students have thought of committing suicide and 7% have attempted to do it.

Effects of Bullycide

It was also found out that victims of bullying are two to nine times more prone to killing themselves. Teens whose age falls between the 10 to 14 age brackets are at higher risks of suicide. Based on statistics presented by ABC News and ChasDiy about 30% of students are bullied and 160,000 of kids choose to stay at home because of their fear of being bullied.

Other bullycide statistics state that 56% of students have witnessed bullying and this usually takes place at school. About 15% of students have not been showing up in school because of their fear. Overall, 71% reported that bullying remains to be an on-going problem and one out of ten students decide to drop out from school due to repeated bullying.

Suicide Risks

Bullycide is a term used in describing suicide as results of bullying, and as you will notice, suicide rates continue to rise recently. Aside from suicide, bullying can also lead to other serious actions like physical attacks, destroying one’s property and clothing, verbal attacks and abuse and many more. Analyzing bullyicide statistics is important because this plays an essential role in addressing the matter.

Majority of bullycide cases are cited and evaluated, and statistical records are created. The results can now serve as reference and basis for further studies. Based on latest bullycide statistics, this problem is not just evident on teens and students but also to adults. Cyber bullying is one type of bullying that triggers a rise in the bullycide statistics. This has pushed this problem too far that resulted to death or suicide. Of all the many countries in the world, it is reported that more bullycide cases are evident in America.

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