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Social-Communalism; Theory, Strategy & Tactics;
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TOPIC: Social-Communalism; Theory, Strategy & Tactics;

Social-Communalism; Theory, Strategy & Tactics; 2 months ago #53

Spokes-Council Strategy for Our Democratic Livelihood.

Implementing Collectivization for Our Parallel Society of

Social Communalism.

Apply Economic-Social Democracy for Liberty.

Forming a Communal Commonwealth Structure

which Democraticly Empowers Our

Collective Livelihood.

Logistics, & Production for the Exchange of Commodites.

The Emphasis of our Industrial Strategy is

Implementing the

Logistics Civilian Augmentation Program.

Drawing On Failing Capitalism's,

Anarchy Of Competitive Labor,

Our Mutual Aid of Collectivization

Replaces the Competitive Disharmony

of Capitalist Culture's Wall Street Factions

Who Seek People, and Things as Property.

Capitalism; Monopolistic, thus Anti-Democratic.

Sharing And Teamwork, is the Driving Force Of

A Communal Economy !

Social Collectives are run By Our Members,

Simultaneously Thru Delegates & Referendum.

Taking the Commanding Heights of Now, with

Our Parallel Communal Industry, and Distribution,-

Not the Corrupting Element of Property Wages of Cash .

Our Mutual Aid of Collectivization

Replaces Capitalisms Competitive Disharmony,

Of Buying & Selling Personal Property of Labor,

for a Bigger Piece of Pie while Others Starve.

So We Encourage You To SHARE The OCCUPY !

Organize ! Tactical Ways Of Action,

That Bring Inner & Social Harmony.

bud, June 9, 2012


See these videos where Dario Azzellini,

speaks on Venezuela's Parallel



Our Horse is Better than Yours.

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