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A Two-Phase Strategy for Reform
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TOPIC: A Two-Phase Strategy for Reform

A Two-Phase Strategy for Reform 5 months ago #13

Adbusters wanted a Presidential Commission, and US Day of Rage a Constitutional Convention, to recommend ways or Amendment(s) respectively to get the power of money out of politics in America--and I would submit that it is just as important to get the power of money out of law as well--but rather than commission or Convention I believe that publicly-discussed and grassroots-organization-adopted single Amendments, when coupled with campaigns demanding candidates for the US Congress support those Amendments as well as public debates and recorded votes on them in Congress, are the most promising, best-controlled and safest way forward out of the present plutocratic abyss in our country.

What Amendments, then? is the question.

I submit that there should be at least two:

First, a populist Amendment returning control of government to the people, getting government and the laws back out of the hands of the plutocracy and its "two" plutocratic "parties".

And then second a specifically antiplutocratic Amendment, remedying the dismal failure of our Constitution to address plutocracy as opposed to its prohibitions of aristocracy and theocracy.

See my




Re: A Two-Phase Strategy for Reform 3 months ago #42

I have modified this strategy a bit, to become a three-phase strategy, the first stage to consist of pushing two Amendments through the present system, the "People's Rights" Amendment overturning Citizens United


and a "State Amendment" Amendment (basically section 9 of the "Populist Amendment" proposed in the original post here) allowing the populace of the United States to amend the Constitution without Federal Congressional or Presidential involvement:


The point of inserting such original, two-Amendment phase into the reform strategy first proposed is that the "People's Rights" Amendment is popular and already introduced into Congress, and any attempt by Congress and the "two" political "parties" to bury it in committee will re-inflame the outrage generated by the original "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision, while the "State Amendment" Amendment will facilitate further populist and antiplutocratic amendment of our Constitution, and any attempt by Congress and the "two" political "parties" to resist such popular amending power will be a dead giveaway as to what Congress and those "parties" think about the American people and any role for it in governing America (as well as engaging the enthusiasm of the "States' rights" crowd, even though such Amendment doesn't really apply to that doctrine).

Re: A Two-Phase Strategy for Reform 2 months, 4 weeks ago #44



for the two Amendments and Pledge to be used in the suggested first-phase "Center Forward" campaign.
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