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TOPIC: #IBlameWallStreet

#IBlameWallStreet 4 months, 1 week ago #23

  • benpadiah
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#IBlameWallStreet for benefitting from being used by the Fed as an excuse to justify QE, which results in price inflation of food and gas.

#IBlameWallStreet for being constrained only by regulations written by the top share-holders and CEOs of major public-traded corporations.

#IBlameWallStreet for the attitude in the main-stream media that blames "high risk lending" for the mortgage bubble while ignoring TARP.

#IBlameWallStreet for encouraging the belief that digital credit is superior to fiat paper currency, which in turn works "better than gold."

#IBlameWallStreet for laundering the CIA's drug profits that funded the military-industrial complex's "endless war."

#IBlameWallStreet for kowtowing to the CEOs of the CFR, who own the Fed bank, the mainstream media corp.s and many status-quo politicians.

#IBlameWallStreet for the mis-understanding of Capitalism as Corporatism, and the belief that liquidity of all personal assets is wealth.

#IBlameWallStreet for bilking alot of decent, hard-working citizens of many nations, incl. the USA, out of their retirement savings funds.

#IBlameWallStreet because, for their own, personal, selfish short-term gain, they have gambled away my hopes for a financially fair future.

#IBlameWallStreet for being worse addicts to fiat-riches and fake fame than they would accuse a junky of being to any, more natural, drug.

#IBlameWallStreet for prejudicing foreigners to think that all Americans are lazy, greedy, militant, petty-tyrants, when 99% of us are not.

#IBlameWallStreet for glamorizing as an "American ideal" applying the tactics to globalism on which pre-Collonialist Feudalism was founded.

#IBlameWallStreet for the modern delusion in the minds of many powerful govt officials that we live in & must maintain an "American Empire."

#IBlameWallStreet for worshipping the idols of the bull and bear market economies and following the false promises of the demi-urge, Satan.

#IBlameWallStreet for stunting the matauration of the social super-organism's intelligence by denying it's right to natural self-awareness.

#IBlameWallStreet for making noble human individuals into ants struggling to become the "king of the hill." Self-perpetuating lies ≠ power.

#IBlameWallStreet for making a few men rich, who then fund subversion, invasion and collonisation. Those who live off war should die in one.

#IBlameWallStreet because it makes me jealous when those who do nothing are paid so much, while those who do so much are paid almost nothing.

#IBlameWallStreet for providing the fiat capital to fund Sovietism, Fascism, NAZIsm, Zionism, Neo-Conservativism, & now Corporate Globalism.

#IBlameWallStreet for favouring big corporations that acquire no-bid gov't contracts to stall tech R&D until it is tested by the military.

#IBlameWallStreet for its microscopic short-term memory when it comes to allocating blame for those truly responsible.

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