Living in Los Angeles Pros and Cons List

Are you thinking about moving to the beautiful city of Los Angeles? Then here are the pros and cons to review before you start that process.

List of the Pros of Living in Los Angeles

1. It is a cultural melting pot.
There are people from 180 different countries currently living in Los Angeles. About 150 different languages are spoken at any given time. Everyone has their own reason for coming to the city, providing strength through its diversity.

2. You can work outside of the 9-5 daily grind.
The café atmosphere in Los Angeles is incredible. Because the fashion and entertainment industries are dominant economic forces here, the average job doesn’t require “normal business hours.” You can grab some coffee, do some work as a telecommuter, or just enjoy the weather.

3. It offers a casual attitude.
Most people go to work in Los Angeles wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Flip-flops are quite common. It is an atmosphere that is very casual – with the exception of the valet parking. You’ll find a line even at “regular” stops, like a Denny’s restaurant.

4. You get to take advantage of the food scene.
You can find everything from Japanese to Armenian food along the streets of Los Angeles. Every significant restaurant chain and restauranteur has a place in the city. If you love fine dining, then there is no shortage of spots to try after you move to the city.

List of the Cons of Living in Los Angeles

1. It is much bigger than you realize.
About 4 million people live in Los Angeles in a space that covers over 500 square miles. That makes it a challenge to get to know each neighborhood, even if you live there, because the traffic can still be a nightmare.

2. You must own a car in Los Angeles unless you live downtown.
If you want to get anywhere in the city, then you’re forced to own a vehicle. The public transportation network doesn’t reach the outer neighborhoods at all. That means you get to join everyone who spends 100 hours per year in traffic.

The pros and cons of living in Los Angeles generally have the positives outweigh everything else. Stop in the city for a visit, and you may find yourself spending a lifetime there!