List of Pros and Cons of Marine Corps

The Marine Corps got its start in 1775 to help the armed forces of the Colonies fight ship-to-ship battles during the Revolutionary War. Although the job duties have changed over the years, the pros and cons of being a Marine have remained relatively consistent.

List of the Pros of the Marine Corps

1. It has one of the lowest AFQT requirements.

If your scores are not so high when you take the Armed Forces Qualification Test, then the Marines are one of your best options. The Army allows you to join with a score of 31, but you can join the Marine Corps with a score of 32.

2. There is free medical and dental coverage.

Although the salary you receive when joining the Marines isn’t large, the free medical and dental benefits are worth considering. You will also receive up to 30 days of leave each year once you make it through your basic training.

3. You will be in the best shape of your life.

The Marine Corps is usually the first armed services into an active situation and the last ones to leave. That means you need to be at a peak physical condition to handle challenging orders. Joining this branch of the military will have you in the best shape of your life.

List of the Cons of the Marine Corps

1. There are fewer quality of life programs available.

When you compare the Marine Corps with the other branches of the military, there are fewer quality of life programs at your disposal. Part of the reason for this issue is the fact that it is the smallest branch under Department of Defense guidance, so funding can be a significant problem.

2. It takes time to be able to move off-base.

Once you reach the rank of E-6 in the Marine Corps, then most bases allow you to live in the community and receive a monetary housing allowance. Although the timing of this promotion is different for everyone, it usually takes about 8-10 years. That is the equivalent position of staff sergeant.

3. Rank has its privileges in the Marine corps.

Rank tends to have more privileges in this branch of the military than in the others, including when you are off-base or off-duty.

Joining the Marines is a life-changing event, and it is usually for the better. Consider the pros and cons of the Marine Corps today to see if it is the right choice for you.