List of Pros and Cons of European Union

The European Union consists of 28 countries that came together in matters regarding political and economic issues. Europe has the highest number of member countries with many located in Russia. Before making the final decision on whether to join the union or not, you must learn the challenges your country will face as well as the advantages of joining.

List of Pros of European Union

1. Tax-free trading among member countries.
One of the remarkable benefits that all member countries of European Union enjoy is free trading with the other member countries. This apparently means that the prices of goods and services are relatively low in these countries.

2. Creation of more job opportunities.
There is no restriction of movement between member countries which gives the citizens an opportunity to seek jobs in any member country. This not only opens more job opportunities but also creates education opportunities. It helps the developing countries to benefit from the already established member countries.

3. A common currency.
All European Union member countries trade in euro, which is the common currency. This simplifies movement from one country to the other, eases trading, and buying of goods services is much easier. This also creates a sense of belonging as well as fostering oneness.

4. No conflict between nations.
All member countries must adhere to the strict set of guidelines laid down in case of any disagreement. This helps in the creation of a strong bond between the nations and prevents the countries from getting into a significant economic or political problems.

List of Cons of European Union

1. There are communication barriers.
Since the union consists of countries with different languages, communication becomes difficult. This poses a challenge in uniting people with different languages and cultures. It becomes hard to bring together the member countries.

2. It not easy to leave.
Once a new country joins the union, it is exceedingly difficult to leave, posing a significant threat to new nations that would like to join the union. This drives these nations away from entering because it will at long last have effects on their country.

3. Takes power from governments.
This union has got the power over the government in these countries. This simply means that if they are not in good terms with a political leader in a country, they can kick him out of office. This is vulnerable to breaching lines of corruption and causing major problems in a country.

4. Serves the interest as a whole.
The union makes decisions, rules, and policies that take into consideration interest of the union but not an individual country. Their main aim is to advance the union and not a certain state. This becomes unfavorable to the small countries as they are left unheard.

It is essential to know the European Union pros and cons before joining because it will in one way or another affect your country either positively or negatively.