List of Pros and Cons of Bill Clinton

The 42nd President of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton (commonly referred to as Bill Clinton) remains a somewhat controversial figure in history because of the successes and failures of his two administrations.

Beloved by many but seen as too soft or too reckless by some, Bill Clinton enjoyed a tremendously high reputation during his presidency up until a sex scandal but has been able to bounce back from this blip on the radar to enjoy a rather positive legacy. Let’s touch on the successes and failures of President Bill Clinton!

List of Pros of President Bill Clinton

1. Bill Clinton was elected on the back of promises to completely reinvigorate an economy that was struggling, not only because of failed policies from the previous administration but also because of global circumstances that had really hit the American middle class hard. The economy bounced back significantly under Bill Clinton, giving him a surplus when he left office for the last time – something that most presidents have really struggled with throughout history.

2. On top of that, President Clinton had tremendous charisma and a personality that was able to influence some of the world’s most impactful leaders. Literate and funny, charming and endearing, there was just something about this president that really connected with and resonated with the American population.

3. Reaching across party lines at numerous opportunities, Clinton worked to run a balanced budget, to embrace Republican and Democrat platforms, and really strived to bring the country together. He also worked diligently around the rest of the world to end conflict, and helped effectively stop a major crisis in the country of Kosovo without having to put American boots on the ground.

List of Cons of President Bill Clinton

1. Of course, any discussion of the legacy of President Clinton wouldn’t be complete without bringing up the personal life this president had that eventually led to him becoming only the second American president to be impeached by Congress.

2. Clinton had a rather messy personal life as long as he had been in the public eye and was considered to be a “world-class womanizer” – something not uncommon to the presidency, but definitely more on display and blatant than even John F. Kennedy was. The Monica Lewinsky scandal continues to dog the Clinton legacy today.

3. Early reform policies that President Clinton put forward (including a major policy altering the way that the military looked at gay members) backfired spectacularly and actually made life for gay members of the military even more difficult than it had been previously.

4. Though the NAFTA agreement was seen as a positive initially, the impact of this agreement as seen almost 20 years later is nowhere near as glowingly positive as many believed it to be initially. Trade agreements like this one have helped to really slow down the American economy in a way that wasn’t expected.