Freedom of Speech Pros and Cons List

Freedom simply means power. Freedom of speech involves laws and regulations that grants a person or a citizen of a particular country the right to talk openly. Naturally, almost all democratic nations give their citizens the freedom to express themselves to a certain level without interfering with other people’s rights. This is a fundamental right in many countries and especially in the United States.

List of Pros of Freedom of Speech

1. Enhances self-esteem.
Governments encourage freedom of speech to help citizens freely express their views without fear of condemnation and punishment. With this, people can challenge the laws and regulation as well as fighting for what they believe is right. This inspires the people to contribute to economic growth and development.

2. New ideas for fostering development.
Naturally, sharing ideas enhances productivity in the workplace as well as building social relationships. Providing quality information can also lead to economic growth in a country.

3. Encourages social evolution.
The government should come up with laws and regulations to ensure all citizens can freely express their views with no discrimination, notably when the federal government enforces the rules. These laws also protect your freedom of expression in war-like circumstances.

4. Shared responsibility.
The freedom of speech gives you a certain level of responsibility, a better sense of liability, and enhances trust. This type of freedom acts a tool for nurturing social revolution. On the other hand, the government should come up with measures of stopping groups that support sexism, racism, terrorism and offensive views.

List of Cons of Freedom of Speech

1. Tolerance of hate speech.
Freedom of expression in a way, contribute to hate speech. Although there are laws that regulate this type of freedom, sometimes a lot of arguments may end up in hate speech. This shows that even if you have the freedom to say whatever you want, you must control what comes out of your mouth. Remember the law grants all people the freedom of speech including the people that you hate.

2. Hurting others.
Having freedom of speech does not mean all people will express their views with respect. At times, some people misuse their freedom which may hurt others. Political differences may highly contribute to exchanging words that hurt other people knowingly or unknowingly.

3. Fights.
For instance, your views may stir up other people’s anger leading to conflicts, and even wars may arise. This is very common on political grounds especially to citizens supporting different parties.

Before fully engaging yourself in enjoying the freedom of speech, it is advisable to understand the freedom of speech pros and cons.