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With Year 2 of Occupy Wall Street approaching, we are pleased to announce the imminent release of the third issue of the magazine.Tidal: Occupy Theory, Occupy Strategy.

Tidal is a crucial self-organized intellectual platform for OWS, which is founded on the principle that there can be no radical thought without radical action--and vice versa.  Since the appearance of the first issue in December 2011, Tidal has helped to shape the major directions and conversations of the movement. Distinct from either a journalistic outlet or an academic journal, Tidal  is groundbreaking in the way in combines timely, specially commissioned articles by widely recognized scholarly voices such as Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak and Judith Butler with a rich variety of theoretical and artistic materials from younger, on-the-ground OWS participants.

While  the first two issues of Tidal are available in PDF form at, a major distinguishing quality ofTidal as a strategic platform has been the fact that it has been freely distributed en masse as a visually appealing hardcopy magazine both at OWS-specific actions and assemblies as well as throughout public space more generally. In advance of OWS' historic reclaiming of May Day, for instance, 50,000 copies of Tidal were distributed throughout New York City and beyond. Indeed, the process of distributing Tidal has been a form of tactical direct action in its own right, as described in this article and video produced by Team Tidal. In both its intellectual rigor and its large-scale distribution, Tidal has been recognized as a force to be reckoned with not only by allies on the Left, but also by outlets of the powerful Right-Wing media establishment such as Andrew Breitbart's talk show The Blaze.

Tidal #3 will contain original contributions by well known writers including Spivak, anarchist theorist David Graeber, and labor historian Jeremy Brecher; these materials will be accompanied by a range of shorter pieces addressing urgent topics in the movement including climate change, stop-and-frisk, and mass incarceration. A connective thread throughout the issue will be the politics of indebtedness, and the emergence of a 99% debtors' resistance movement. As articulated by the Strike Debt campaign--a project initiated by Occupy Theory and its allies-- the politics of debt goes to the heart of the capitalist system itself. The work of Strike Debt will feature prominently in the three-day anniversary convergence that has been called for by OWS for the weekend of September 15, 16, and 17th.

Tidal 3 will be crucial to the build up to S17, which is conceived less a one off day of action that a strategic kickoff for a new phase of the movement. In order to ensure that Tidal can play this role in pushing the movement forward, we would like to ask for your financial assistance for printing costs.

In advance of our launch towards the end of August, we aim to raise $10,000 dollars, which will enable the production of 50,000 copies by TriStar Printers, the trusted unionized shop that we have worked with in the past. A small portion of these funds will also be used for the purchase of simple magazine dispensers to be installed at several prominent bookstores around New York.

 We thank you in advance for your generosity, and hope you can join us for the Tidal 3 Release Party at 16 Beaver Space in Lower Manhattan, scheduled for the evening of Friday September 7th. This will be a festive opportunity to meet with Tidal contributors, view OWS film projects, and generally to get acquainted with the movement as S17 approaches.


Team Tidal