Cell Phone Use in School Pros and Cons List

If there is one thing that most kids can’t live without, it would be their cell phone. Everywhere that you turn, it is difficult to avoid seeing a cell phone and this is true of schools. Even though kids are being educated, this does not mean that they always put the phones away. Many schools have restrictions regrading cell phone use in school, but it is difficult for schools to get rid of cell phone use completely. It is time that you learned what the pros and cons of cell phone use in school are and how better restrictions and regulations can be made. Here are some of the pros and cons of using cell phones in school.

Pros of Cell Phone Use in School

1. Communication
The main reason that cell phones are so popular is because they make communication so easily. This means that it is a positive for students to e able to communicate with the people that are important to them even when they are at school. This means that if they need a ride home from school, they are able to communicate this need to their parents by using their cell phone at school. This means that cell phone use in school can come in handy.

2. Mobile Learning
The thing about cell phones is that now they are filled with technology. This means that with so many learning apps that you can choose from, it is easy for you to take learning on the go with the use of a cell phone in school. There are different ways that teachers can approach lesson plans if students have access to learning that is on the go. This means that cell phones can actually be a tool for teaching.

Cons of Cell Phone Use in Schools

1. Distraction
One of the biggest downsides to cell phone use in schools is the distraction that they cause. Instead of focusing on the teacher and the lesson that is being taught, many students instead will focus on their cell phones. Even though there are rules that are in place about having cell phones out during class, there are many students that do not choose to obey these rules and will use their cell phones in class when they are not permitted to. This means that allowing cell phone use in the schools at all can be a major distraction that takes away from learning.