Bottled Water Pros and Cons List

Instead of opting for a glass of water you can reach into the fridge and pull out a bottle of water. Many people prefer to drink bottled water over tap water. if you are someone that is looking to learn more about why people choose to drink bottled water and if this is the best option for you, it might be time that you learned what the pros and cons of drinking bottled water really are. You might be surprised by what you learn and even change your water drinking habits. Here are some of the pros and cons of drinking bottled water.

The Pros of Bottled Water

1. On The Go
One of the reasons why bottled water is so popular and necessary is because it allows you to drink water on the go with ease. If you are looking for a simple way to make sure that you are hydrated even when you are active and on the go, you can just make sure that you have a water bottle that is handy. This is the best way to be sure that you have the water that you need on the go when you need it.

2. Taste
Another reason why a lot of people prefer to drink bottled water is due to the taste. The taste of the water that is bottled is believed to be better. If you are looking for water that really does taste great, you may want to choose water that is from the bottle instead of water that is straight from the tap. Taste is something that is important which is why many people don’t mind paying for bottled water.

The Cons of Bottled Water

1. Price
One of the biggest downsides to choosing to drink bottled water is that it costs more than tap water. even though you pay your water bill at home, you are paying a lot more money for the bottled water that you buy. If you are looking for the most cost effective way to get the water that you need, you should choose to just drink water from your tap. You are already paying your water bill, so you are getting this water for cheap.

2. Plastic
Another thing that you need to be concerned with when you drink water from a bottle is the plastic. There are health risks that are associated with drinking water from plastic. This means that bottled water may not be best for your health.