Billy Meier Hoax Debunked

Out of all the UFO cases that have ever caught the public’s imagination, the contacts of Billy Meier may be the most famous and one of the most controversial. When most people say that they have had contact with aliens, Meier never claimed to have met a single alien. He instead claimed that he had been in contact with humans from other planets and that he was still in regular contact with them. Did the UFO, which looked remarkably like a wedding cake, actually exist? Or is it all just an elaborate hoax that needs to be debunked.

Just How Was the UFO Supposedly Constructed?

A unique claim that takes this UFO contact from ordinary to extraordinary is the fact that Meier provided metal samples to a chemist who was employed by IBM. The chemist, Marcel Vogel, claimed that the material contained Thulium, which is an extremely rare earth element and at the time of the UFO contact, nearly impossible to obtain. Vogel used an EDS x-ray spectrum to analyze the metal to support the claim, but later admitted that the secondary spectrum bands for Thulium were missing.

That meant the metal was actually aluminum and there was a good possibility that silver had been alloyed with it. It was entirely possible that the ship was made from one sheet of aluminum that had silver plating.

In addition, Vogel claimed that the metal involved showed signs of micro-manipulation when it was magnified to a degree of 500 diameters. Using other metal samples, scientists have proven that the exact same manipulations that Vogel saw can be created with basic metal machining and seen at that magnification level.

One UFO Researcher Went the Extra Mile

A man named Phil Langdon decided that he’d had enough of the UFO stories, so he took it upon himself to prove that the images and videos that Meier took could be completely duplicated. Starting with the construction of the ship, which included step by step instructions, Langdon recreated every still image and every video that Meier created. The images are remarkably similar and anyone can do the same thing – sometimes just by using an arm.

A common question about Meier’s UFO videos is this: what about the strange sounds that are heard? When Langdon strung up the UFO model with cording, he discovered that the suspension wires would vibrate as the model swung about. This would amplify the sound and the camera would pick up the audio as a type of screeching. The two videos, when watched side by side, show that Meier suspended a wire between two trees and swung the UFO to show it flying.

Whether they were humans or aliens, the fact is that Meier made the whole thing up. Until solid evidence of extraterrestrial life is found, stories like these should just stay what they are: stories. Turning them into a “fact” is what makes them an elaborate hoax.